Royal Masterpieces

Today at lunch my friends and I were talking about the Royal Wedding, and just like everyone else, we were speculating about what Kate will wear…

I started reminiscing about my trip to London with my mom and younger sister in 2009, then decided to look at archived photos from our lovely trip.

London is a ravishing city, anyone who has been to London wouldn’t beg to differ… I think the Victorian, Gothic and older era architecture have such an enchanting charm, which is intriguing in an authentic way. I think I’m going to enlarge these photos and hang them in my living room in my new apartment Jun. 1.

I promise to do a future decor post when I move into my new place.



On the stairs at back of Buckingham Palace: My sister (L) and Me (R)

Pond in the Buckingham Palace yard

The Palace of Westminster and Westminster Bridge viewed from opposite side of Thames River

Phone Booth in Piccadilly Circus

Ceiling at Harrods (the best department store in the world)


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