English Inspirations

My favorite all-time English fashion icon is Twiggy! I love Twiggy’s authentic androgynous appeal that initially put her on the modelling market. I also admire Twiggy for more than her successful modelling career and influence in fashion. Her post-model endeavors, hosting her own talk show and role as a judge on America’s Next Top Model have enabled her to also connect with a broader audience too!

Twiggy Vogue Cover 1967

Twiggy Vogue Cover 1967

Kate Middleton’s style has influenced the modern English fashion industry significantly. I personally love her style because she always looks super chic, classic and sophisticated. I’m a huge fan of Kate’s fitted blazers and coats she’s frequently spotted in, but I’m more obsessed with her ornate hair pieces and hats!

Kate's classic style

I’m infatuated with English designer labels and street trends in general. Some London labels, I particularly love include Firetrap, ONLY, and Top Shop, plus there are tons more. Also, H&M, Anthropologie, GAP and other classic brands throughout America carry different, but much more authentic merchandise in the UK… I really love the way how English fashionistas always look classy and proper, while mixing and matching trends that take fashion to an eccentric level!

Anthropologie, London Photo Credit: New York Times

Stunt Models kicking-off Fashion Week in London on Oxford Street Photo: Metro

I think this is pretty cool!

Firetrap 2011 Collection

Firetrap 2011 Collection

Primark Summer 2011 Fashion Collection

London Street Fashion

Today I also wore apparel that I purchased at a combination of department stores and misc boutiques throughout London…

Trying to pose in attire from London after a long day of work and studying

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