Patriotic Pop Culture & Vintage Jewels

I went to the JFK Presidential Library & Museum in Boston for a political science research project. I became much more infatuated with Jacqueline Kennedy’s, First Lady wardrobe and 1950’s American pop culture. I sometimes get inspired in the most random places including presidential museums. It’s funny, I’m not the greatest political advocate or most politically correct intellect either, so finding influences in a presidential museum is an anomaly for someone like me.

But I think the cultural authenticity of 1950’s installation art has a vintage, nostalgic appeal that’s timeless, which also resonates well with contemporary culture.

Top: JFK Election Pins, JFK Election Installation Bottom: Classic 1950's Video Camera, Classic 1950's American News Stand

I truly admire the bold range of color and beauty in Jacqueline’s wardrobe. I’m absolutely obsessed with her wardrobe because the clean lines look smart, sophisticated and  sexy!


Jaqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline's Houndstooth Vintage Suit

Jacqueline's First Lady Vintage Suit in Closet

I love the beading and unorthodox mix of color

Matching Ring

True Vintage Beauty

Jewellery Box (In LOVE with this)

Vintage Jewellery Box


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