Couture Craving

Vintage desert galore...

Chanel and Louis Vuitton Cupcakes! They look too beautiful to eat... I would keep them as bedroom or living room fixtures in my apartment, only if they were available in ceramic!

Candy Girl.... This soooo old school... or too cool of an anomaly but indisputably art at it's finest.

Louboutin Vintage Candy. This is making my heart melt! I think the contrasting colors give this a captivating artistic vibe...

Let's coin this meal 'McCouture'... I love Lagerfeld's motto because it resonates well in my books... Any way this is for sure a piece of installation art that belongs in MoMA

I just love this vintage stripper ensemble! At least old school strippers had some class and took pride in their appearance! Ask yourself, who wouldn't be proud to wear this? It's a masterpiece that took a lot of craftsmanship, which deserves appreciation. You thought I was kidding? Well, if this ensemble came with a higher neckline, covered cleavage, sleeves and bottoms then I could totally wear it to class or work lol...

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