Shoe Museum Galore

There are numerous ‘unique’ shoe retailers in NYC but there are no retailers that are eccentric like United Nude (UN). The vibe, when walking into the UN store on Bond Street is similar to what I call a modern art shoe gallery. Though UN shoes are not neccessarily similar to other gorgeous shoes many fashionista’s wear in Manhattan like Louboutin’s, shoes from various stores on 5th Avenue or Madison Avenue, Uggs, etc; I think UN shoes are trendy in a mind of their own. These shoes are crafted with a modern aesthetic no other designers embody.

Some UN shoe are crafted with striped contrasting, bold colors including an array of neon yellows, pinks, blues and plenty more. There are also rubberized pastel and neutral-colored flats, wedges, pumps, heels, boots and an endless list of styles. The unique architecture of UN shoes is similar to futuristic buildings and innovating the future of shoe engineering.

UN Store (Photo: NY Times)

Eamz X Elastic, Yellow

Block Ankle Strap, Pewter

Cup Hi Top, Black

Elastic Tangle Mid

Elastic Tangle Mid, Multi

Mono Jane, Peach


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