Ruffles and feathers make a sexy combination that’s actually classy and irresistible….

I love this entire vintage outfit especially the shoes and tribal feathered headband. This picture makes me want to go out and buy a pinata too!

Next fashion week, I’ll be in all feathers, I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says! So there! xo

Perfect peacock dress, how chic? The array of color in this peacock dress and peacocks in general is absolutely exquisite!

I love this feather dress with an oriental inspiration… I love wearing yellow because it’s just an exciting and vibrant color… xo

lambskin, suede, silk, feather, wood-platform by Christian Dior. These would be a major hit at any red carpet party! How beautiful, eh?

I decided to save the best for last but this is obviously my favorite look out of the bunch. This is so f**king stunning… I love the combination of bright, vibrant colors, creativity and nostalgia!!!

I’ll trade my drivers license and car any day, for a pair of fashionable feather wings…



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