Lego Luxury

I think color blocking with a combination of Lego pieces and Lego inspired colors can lead to vibrant, fun fashion ensembles. Last year Castelbajac and Balenciaga created Lego Couture. But these toy stories contributed to a fashion color revolution, which led to so much more.

Balenciaga shoes, I love love love these Lego inspired shoes! Every single pair is not just interesting looking but they're part of shoe innovation!

Now the classic Lego colors… I’m such a kid at heart. But this might be the case because I’m a geek, enjoy building things and creating structural innovations in general.

These shoes have Lego pieces glued on to them. This is very creative and mod looking! It's a great way to add some fun and vibrance to an unwanted or old pair of shoes. Voila, these are just masterpieces! I wish the employee's at the giant Lego store next to the Rockefeller Center could construct me a pair!

Lovely luxury jewelry Lego display...

Lego Bracelet. I love this. It's so mod, vibrant, artistic and everything to fulfill a fashion and Lego lovers dream. Magnificent!

Toy Story Balenciaga Shoes, Elle Magazine. I'm infatuated with these shoes they're so interesting looking, not just colorwise but I'm also obsessed with the way these shoes are engineered.

Lego Vogue Cover... This Necklace is gorgeous, artistic and a conversation piece that will forsure grab eyes...

JC de Castelbajac Lego inspired life-size runway show. I love the colors of the outfits, but I'm particularly obsessed with the architecture and craftsmanship of the accessories. It's quite fascinating how children's toys can have an impact on the world of haute couture.

Castelbajac Lego Runway Fashion Show...


One thought on “Lego Luxury

  1. This book has a fantastic cover that initially drew me to it. The idea of an adult man reconnecting with a childhood love of building bricks was also fascinating.

    It’s billed as a memoir, or at least that was what I thought it was, and has elements of a “project memoir” wherein the author delves into a certain subject or theme with a goal in mind. In this case, Jonathan Bender wanted to research AFOLs (adult fan of LEGO) as well as become one himself.

    But I would call LEGO: A Love Story more of a researched book than a memoir. Yes, Bender shares some of his personal experiences, and the story is told through his eyes as he joins LEGO conventions and tours the headquarters in Denmark and the U.S. headquarters in Connecticut, but in general it’s a feature about AFOLs and the history and future of the LEGO company.

    I did learn a lot about legos. First off, you never call them “legos.” LEGO is the brand, and should only be used as an adjective as in “LEGO building blocks” or “LEGO kits,” or in reference to the company itself. After reading 300 pages of correct usage, I’m probably a convert and will be annoyed by everyone else’s incorrect use from here on out.

    I think that this book would definitely appeal to adults who play with or collect LEGO, but also to anyone who remembers LEGO fondly from their childhood. Reading this book made me happy that my son’s collection is steadily growing, and honestly makes me look forward to tackling bigger projects with him.

    This book could definitely be a popular Father’s Day gift — from a grown son who remembered building LEGO with his dad, or to a new father who has the opportunity to legitimize his LEGO play once again. But then again, the whole idea behind LEGO: A Love Story is that LEGO can appeal to adults in a completely unique (and legitimate) way.

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