Arts & Crafts

I’m intrigued by the fashion marvels artists construct out of arts and crafts supplies instead of using traditional fabrics! Art supplies enable designers to incorporate much more vivid textures and anomalous pieces that are truly unlike any other collections.

I wish we were taught to construct these ensembles in art class in grade school…

I’m totally digging the vibrant color combination, it’s absolutely ingenious! I also adore the big, bright yellow bow, especially combined with the tiered, ruffled skirt.

Lia Griffith, Xerox Dress  

Graphic designer and fashion lover, Lia Griffith launched Papier Coutier by sclupting dresses entirely out of artwork, photos, and texts. I’m obsessed with the mix of unorthodox patterns and colors that make Griffith’s dresses vibrant jaw droppers!

Lia Griffith, Freedom

I really love this piece of paper couture, I’m infatuated with the aesthetic of how the strings with dangling elements give this ensemble an original beautiful flow!

These ruffles are truly eye popping… 

I could envision this becoming a real conversation piece! I also love the ankle accessories because they add a bold touch!

Vintage Paper Dress 

This dress must be one of my favorites… I’m obsessed with how the paper butterflies, flowers, and misc patterns make this dress resemble a classic vintage piece!

 Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov constructed this couture concoction! 

I love the big bow, again! But I think the vertical black and white lines actually make this figure flattering and create a strong contrast in the outfit!

 Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov, Take 2

I think this dress is super rad because it’s robotic and very futuristic! I love how the artists turn something boring like plain white paper into a bold fashion statement. I’m particularly intrigued by the way unusual textures are incorporated into this ensemble!


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