Fantastic in Plastic

In the age of the Going Green revolution, it’s quite mesmerizing how designers go to extremely creative lengths to craft ‘eco-savvy’ attire. The entire green movement is inspiring a new realm of recycled and environmentally friendly styles, which are taking fashion to a whole new level.

In the midst of a random internet search, I encountered radiant eco-friendly fashion ensembles crafted out of recycled plastic, which inspired me to perceive eco-savvy clothing in a whole new light.

DIY recycled, plastic bottle vest

This DIY vest can be crafted out of recycled bottles. I’m considering, giving this vest a shot, but I’m completely arts and crafts inept. I admire this vest because it makes a bold fashion statement, plus adds a creative edge to any elegant or casual fashion ensemble. Click here for instructions to construct this eco-chic couture concoction!

Jamie K. McIntosh, Plastic Ball Gown

McIntosh constructed this exquisite ball gown out of recycled blue plastic protective covering, derived from plexiglass sheets. The corset underneath is comprised of 225 mustard packets. This dress is obviously, aesthetically captivating and exquisite. I think McIntosh’s ball gown also resembles Cinderella’s big blue ball gown, which is every girls dream come true dress….

Margarita Regala, Fashion in the Bag

I could never envision plastic grocery bags looking sophisticated or chic until I came across Regala’s dress. Regala constructed Fashion in the Bag by layering grocery bags, paired with a bodice entirely covered with coiled plastic drinking straws. This dress is reminiscent of resort fashion, not to mention the modern eco-savvy twist!

Sainsbury, Recycled plastic dress

Flamenco-style dress made from recycled Sainsbury's shopping bags. The dress is designed by Adnan Bayyat and modelled by Sanisbury cashier, 18 year old Shanice Bailey-Farrell.

Sainsbury, a major grocery store chain in the UK launched an eco-savvy clothing line to promote green lifestyle choices. The line consists of apparel entirely designed out of recycled customers plastic bottles and assorted plastic packaging. I’m obsessed with the aesthetic of these dresses, they resemble rare vintage cocktail dresses with a timeless charm, plus contain lots of beautiful and intricate detail!

Wut Hmone Shwe Yi, Myanmar model

I absolutely adore this plastic dress, it’s extremely figure flattering and I particularly love the embroidered detail! This dress is very versatile because you can easily switch from beach attire to looking glamorous for an evening out!


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