Bows always add an elegant flair to casual looks and accentuate formal styles. Plus, they have somewhat of a vintage aesthetic, which looks sophisticated yet dramatic.

 Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga’s influence on fashion are just as strong or even stronger than their talents, which contributes to their fame and overall trademark…

Hepburn-Gaga shoe

These heels plastered with bows are flirty, vintage, and have a substantial ‘wow’ factor. I’m coining these shoes, the Hepburn-Gaga shoe. The high fashion and sophisticated aesthetic is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s classic style, but the dramatic bows emulate Gaga’s eccentric fashion choices.

Coco Rocha by Tim Walker

Coco looks gorgeous, like always! Here, she’s sporting a cute bow in a magazine spread photographed by Tim Walker. I admire Coco for more than her beauty, I particularly love what she represents. Coco advocates for model industry reform by promoting a broader definition of beauty and maintaining  a size 4 figure (which is considered ‘fat’ in accordance to the modeling industry standards). Though her ‘bigger’ size, has decreased her modelling demand, she stays true to herself by refusing to abide by a grossly emaciating diet that could potentially help her land more jobs.


This Chanel outfit is super classic and one of my favorite ‘traditional’ outfits. I usually opt for ‘untraditional’ styles, but love twisting the traditional. So, I particularly adore how the headband with a bow is replicated around the waist because it adds the twist. I also think the enchanting scenery gives this ensemble a sweet royal charm.

Betsy Johnson, super Trend Nerd?

The elements of the old world/nerdy museum combined with the modern uniform and big bow, give this Betsy Johnson ad campaign a powerful, geek chic kick. The last time I wore a Betsy Johnson dress was senior prom. But, I’m now compelled to purchase this bow…

Christian Louboutin bow leather shoes in black

Everyone knows, Christian Louboutin is one of the best shoe designers, EVER. Of course, I adore the bows on the back of these heels because they’re elegantly sophisticated and striking with the duo-tone black/white contrast.

Very dramatic, but extremely adorable… The bow is reminiscent of Minnie Mouse’s classic bow lol! haha… I’m a big fan of the peculiar pose, it’s very eye catching…


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