Perfect Suit

People will likely give the wrong first impression, if they dress way too eccentric at work or in class. But if you have an eccentric/untraditional personality, you should add an authentic twist to traditional outfits to express it like a piece of art. During the day it’s important to look clean and classic with an appropriate edge for work and evening cocktails. Though the notion of the classic 3 piece suit, work dress, etc is always chic, the plain aesthetic of the typical work outfit is very overdone. Suits need an authentic and personal twist to go from daytime work attire to chic for evening cocktails.

Thom Browne, Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book

Thom Browne is a phenomenal style prodigy with a gift for taking work appropriate attire to a whole new level. Browne’s suits have an injection of bold and classic patterns with untraditional cuts, which give his ensembles a vintage appeal that will make any fashionista stand-out in the crowd. Combining patterns within similar color pallets give these outfits much more classic looks and add a more minimal touch versus mixing contrasting pallets. The super long skirts and necklace, plus oversized jackets add a dramatic appeal to such a traditional fashion concept.

Junko Shimada, Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book

Shimada’s seasonal look book is reminiscent of weekend attire and classic office looks, combined with resort fashion.  The longer length and bold pieces have a vintage flair just like Browne’s outfits. The use of vibrant colors, color blocking patterns and various cuts of these ensembles make them very versatile. Also the huge neck accessories on select outfits add an original theatrical vibe, plus the little head pieces and shoes take it to a whole new creative level.


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