Condom Couture

Condom couture is newsworthy for the obscure concept, plus it’s also worth talking about for the craftsmanship and it’s a creative way to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Brazilian condom couture designer and artist, Adriana Bertini believes crafting condom couture conveys the message that “condoms must be basic like a pair of jeans and so necessary like a great love”. Bertini’s creations are about much more than crafting eye-popping couture, Bertini puts condoms in a new perspective by destroying stigmas and utilizing them in an ordinary way that’s applicable to everyday life to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Constructing clothing out of latex also adds a creative aesthetic to the apparel and truly embodies fashion in the form of art at its purest. Condom creations also have an anomolous factor unlike any other untraditional fashion medium.

I really like the scrunchy affect of the condoms, the a-line neck and untraditional use of colors, which make this condom creation a couture masterpiece!

Another stunning Bertini condom masterpiece with a meaningful message to fight HIV/AIDS!

Bertini Dress – It’s reminiscent of French Haute Couture! I really love the collar of this dress too, the blue and orange contrast also add a nice clash!

Adriana Bertini’s, condom creations come in an array of vibrant colors and designs that are about much more than jaw dropping apparel but it’s about fighting AIDS by putting condom use in a natural light…

Bertini, condom creation that’s looking red carpet ready…

Bertini, condom creation sculpted for a princess, ready to put condom use in a natural light…


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