A superhero has the power to do more than save lives. They have a prominent role in pop culture because their resilience and fearlessness, in combination with their superhuman skills play an integral part in fashion. Superheros represent an iconic image and have an authoritative power, which provides designers with a strong marketing tool to promote consumer confidence in their appearance and products. Superhero style has influenced both street wear and high fashion in many ways.

Coco Rocha by Craig McDean

Coco Rocha playing Cat Woman in a Vogue Magazine spread. Her ensemble has a powerful appeal that enhances her super confidence and style, which embody an authoritative power that will make heads turn. The leather and studs would make anyone feel wicked from head to toe, who wouldn’t feel like they could conquer the world? This outfit is super badass in an awesome way that takes rocker chic to a whole new level…

Cocoa Rocha save the day by Craig McDean

I love this, the shoes and dress are ‘wicked’! This outfit will definitely save the day anytime… The comic book action gives this a powerful kick, which is for the super confident woman and not the faint at heart. Plus the bold use of colors adds a vibrant edge that will get noticed, and the red shoes kick-up the color pallet a notch.

Ali Stephens posing like Wonder Woman with Batman by Thierry Le Gouès

I love the extremely chunky heels and dress, which look ready to take flight on top of the world. The dress combined with the accessories are reminiscent of retro vintage with a nostalgic vibe. I’m compelled to confess, Batman looks super sexy too… He accentuates the dramatic appeal of this photo.  This is a dream come true and a designer fantasy to say the least…

Superhero inspired costume exhibit at the MET in NYC

Spiderman spinning a web at the MET in a display on top of NYC on a mission to save the lives of fashionistas in super sexy body suits…

Every guys fantasy…

This is one heck of a powerful photo shoot that makes me want to go out and buy a cat woman bra and mask just to wear down the street for the sake of getting reactions and looking super sexy… LMFAO lol! Imagine, I can pretend to fly, wouldn’t that be wicked, eh?

Street style and haute couture influenced by our heroes’

I’m wearing this to fashion week because it will help me stand-out and make a powerful statement… I would love to dress up as a superhero. I’m in love with the leather and metallic combination, sculpted for a super girl… I especially love the leg accessory to hold a beverage, which is extremely convenient. Also the side mirrors make productive accent for simple touch-ups and eliminating those flaws…

She’s a chocolate superhero

Hero fashion crafted entirely out of chocolate at a fashion show in NYC… I want to eat this outfit it looks delicious…

Fendi brings sexy back

Fendi brings super sexy back with a super chunky superhero belt… I love how this belt is paired with a daytime dress because it gives the superhero look that’s appropriate for going out in public…


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