Culinary creations have been recognized as artistic masterpieces for decades, particularly the creations crafted by elite chefs. But the newer generations of emerging fashionistas have turned food into so much more. Edible trends are evolving into another realm of untraditional couture, creating aesthetically appetizing clothing that sparks up conversations.

I’m craving these culinary creations in more than one way… This post literally encompasses fashions greatest guilty pleasures, you’ll see what I mean….

Photo credit: Ted Sabarese

The loaves of bread on the shoulders resemble padding of vintage sleeves from older era dresses.  I love how the croissants are sculpted into perfect cups — this is tempting me to buy out a bakery to embark upon a mission and craft this couture creation. I’m also enamored with the skirt comprised of bread slices — the concept of the dangling pieces has a picturesque flow, which is difficult or merely impossible to construct with traditional fabrics.

Photo credit: Ted Sabarese

As they say in New England – this ensemble is ‘wicked’. The meat looks spectacular, I would just love to try picking up a guy in this outfit and explain the meaning behind the meat of the message… lol. The contrast between the top and skirt give a warm and creative vibe!

Photo credit: Ted Sabarese

The artichoke gown is designed by Project Runway prodigies, Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault. The designing duo spent over 6 hours crafting this nutritious masterpiece. I love how the veggies are sculpted into the perfect looking vintage cocktail dress, which will capture the eyes at any party. P.S. The model stood still the entire time while the duo attached each, individual leaf.

Chocolate couture

I bet, you are craving this piece of chocolate… The ancient design of the chocolate couture concoction is reminiscent of fashion from the era of the Roman Empire, which adds some historical significance to this outfit. This garment is quite captivating because designers refrain from crafting creations like this nowadays, which makes this outfit extremely unique and one of a kind with a strong flair.

Vegetable fashion

Vegetable garden couture… I love the tomato hat, the combination has such a radically vibrant texture that will win the heart of Mr.Perfect. The veggie dress is adorned with layers of unique poofy-ness that adds a bold statement to the perfect picture of a heart healthy outfit.

Just imagine how long it took designers to cook, create and assemble each outfit…..


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