2 Cool 4 School

Office and school supplies can do more than aide with working and learning. They also have the potential to be crafted into fashion and design masterpieces. In addition to aiding with design ideas, clothing crafted out of office supplies will enable fashionistas to make quirky and original statements that turn heads in the ‘nerdiest’ way ever. It’s super rad since it will give ‘trend geeks’ alike somewhat of an incentive to use their tools differently…

Post-it decor

Post-its are useful for more than note taking and bookmarking. They come in an array of vibrant colors that make notes into a work of art and an interior design staple.

Post-it Office Garments

In addition to taking notes, bookmarking and decorating, wearing Post-its is work appropriate too! This classic 3 piece office suit is entirely constructed out of Post-its and it looks stunningly creative! Such a simple concept has turned into walking art that will get people talking!

Office supplies never looked so fashionable and figure flattering….

The combination of classic erasers and brown paper envelopes have a warm citrus vibe that will help any fashionista stand out in the office. I underestimated the chic, original vibe of my recycled erasers and envelopes. Also, I really like the way the erasers on the top were crafted and combined into flowers, which add the vintagesque appeal!

Pencil Dress

There is just something nostalgic about No. 2 pencils. The pencil every kid uses since the first day of kindergarten can be used as a component to construct the ultimate DIY pencil dress. This dress has a dramatic aesthetic because it’s entirely crafted out of pencils and the shape is quite anomalous because the pencils are used in different ways throughout the dress…

Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman DIY marker dress

Markers can do more than add splashes of color to your pictures. Fashion designer, Berber Soepboer and graphic artist, Michiel Schuurman collaborated to design a line of DIY marker dresses that give fashionistas the opportunity to color in the white spaces on their dresses with markers and add a personal touch! The concept gives markers sitting in your old pencil case, a whole new meaning by enabling you to showcase your creativity to the world…

Stylist: Shauna Faust, Photographer: Roland Bello

Stylist: Shauna Faust, Photographer: Roland Bello

Using chalk changes the mood and enables stylists to add a diverse twist to photo spreads. This photo spread has the most captivating chalkboards ever because the illustrations add a touch of different elegance to the solid color backgrounds. Chalk is also unique because the concept of using an elementary school tool is applied to high fashion with simplistic elegance in such an artistic way…


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