Moving Masterpieces

Some might think I’m crazy but I consider myself creative. I enshrine the philosophy of trend setters being original by  treating their shoes and fashion in general like artwork. Everyday, I see people wearing the same, simple, similar shoes and overall trends. Even the fashionistas sporting high end shoes sometimes look too much alike. The fashion scene can become boring very quickly because trend setters refrain from injecting creativity into their wardrobes. Here are a few pairs of shoes that will get you noticed and make an immediate, innovative impact!

Shoe trigger…

These shoes are eye-catching! The trigger will provide any tough fashionista with the right shot. The metallic basket weaving adds a strong, powerful twist to the overall aesthetic. These are a little over the edge because guns are generally associated with heinous activities. But wearing the guns will show the world who the real boss is….

Pretty Innocent…

The faux fur, feathers and pearls combined with the gold guns adds a harsh elegant look to these badass babe’s. These shoes definitely take harsh elegance to a whole new level because the guns are combined with sexy, feminine elements including faux fur, feathers, and gold!

Flower Power

These are pretty and represent the way floral shoes should be worn! I really love the concept of creating flower brooches for feet. The petal collection under the tip of the foot adds some creative drama with a natural flow to such a traditionally structured heel.


I’m generally terrified of bugs. But I think incorporating creatures into clothing add a jaw dropping edge that’s quite exotic and elegant! Looking at these is inspiring me to conquer my fear of bugs because they can truly be featured as an artistic masterpiece!

How romantic, eh?

These shoes are extremely romantic and are actually ideal for a night out in the city or red carpet evvent! The rose has symbolized love and romance for centuries. So wearing these golden heels, with the beautiful bee and bud will spark up some romance with a fashion forward guy to swing you off your feet!


These shoes are so simple, yet eye-catching! These shoes can easily be created by gluing candy to the heel of an old pair of shoes. The variety of colors and texture from the candy add the vibrant edge, which make plain white boots into a pair of exciting eye candy!

So retro, but modern….

Those are some killer heels! I love the shape of the super chunky heels, they resemble 70’s disco shoes. The acid green and royal blue color combination also compliment the retro flair. Yet these shoes are ultra mod! By wearing these or any of the shoes in this post, the simplest ensemble (including jeans and a t-shirt) will make people stare and leave an everlasting impression to express your outrageous personality!


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