Once upon a time….

As a child, I loved Disney in general, watching Disney movies and going to Disney World. I’m sure many children shared similar interests and fantasies to myself… I got a confession to make, watching cartoons remains one of my guiltiest pleasures at the age of 23.

Anyhow throughout childhood, I particularly loved Disney princesses and still admire their influences on fashion and pop culture to the present day (no wonder, I was a different Disney princess on Halloween for several years)… Disney princesses always sport mystical attire and represent enchanting tales, which emulate our greatest desires in life. In particular, Disney’s brand also plays an integral role in pop culture beyond the fashion realm by bringing out magical concepts that translate into ingenious marketing campaigns and stories.

Drew Barrymore, as Belle in Beauty and the Beast photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz captures a picturesque photo of Drew Barrymore resembling a scene as Belle from the classical Disney fairytale, Beauty and the Beast. Leibovitz applies a whimsical style, which is extremely scenic like a movie rather than an actual photograph. This is definitely an eye-popping masterpiece that doesn’t only sell fashion but it markets a cultural fantasy. Plus the lion is one heck of a royal beast…

Coco Rocha, as Ariel in the Little Mermaid photo spread by Craig McDean

Fashion photographer, Craig McDean scores big again with his Little Mermaid photo spread in Vogue featuring supermodel, Coco Rocha. Again, I think this photo shoot is phenomenal. More importantly, the concept of the Little Mermaid is ingenious for a photo spread because life under the sea is full of hidden treasures.

Cinderella Bridal Gown designed by Alfred Angelo

It’s every little girls fantasy to have a Cinderella inspired theme wedding and sometimes even wear her big mystical theme ball gown in general. I’ve always dreamt of owning a Cinderella dress, plus possibly trading in my car keys for a horse and carriage…. Alfred Angelo makes that Cinderella dress fantasy come true with a collection of Disney princess, inspired gowns that emulate our stereotypical desires to look and feel like a princess. Look, he even adds a glass slipper as a prop to complete the perfect picture.

Snow White by Eugenio Recuenco

In the  enchanting forest, Snow White is about to awaken in her coffin following the deep sleep from biting the evil Queen’s poisoness apple. This scene in the Disney classical represents an eternity of battling the forces of evil and defeating the impossible to eventually win over the Prince. Thus, the utopian concept behind this scene gives the fashion a timeless flair…

Not such a princess, but next comes the pretentious snob…

Cruella Devil Fashion Shoot

101 Dalmations vilan, Cruella Devil is not a princess but she has a bold presence and has been associated with pretentious snobs in contemporary culture. Cruella Devil’s snarky attitude embodies a powerful presence that can be easily noticed in this glamorous photo spread that will make heads turn…


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