Since I’ve moved to my new apartment in Boston, I’ve been so busy with moving stuff, paperwork, etc. It’s exhausting. But one of the most prime shopping trips, out of the many with my new roommate was to the thrift store to purchase unique decorations for our apartment. Unlike department stores and designer boutiques along Newbury Street, thrift stores are stocked with a variety of vintage accessories that will make you stand-out on a tight budget. So following our visit to the thrift store to select decor items, I made an additional shopping trip to stumble upon some very authentic trendy treasures!

Vintage belt and jewelry


Some hip finds from the local thrift store, temporarily hanging on the back of my closet door hooks – the pictures don’t do any justice. Each item ranged in price from $2.99 to $4.99. This thrifty price point is a plus for budget savvy fashionistas. I love how all the accessories have a vintage charm, which make them each one of a kind!! But I’m particularly a huge fan of the oversize belt buckle and unorthodox use of beading on the necklaces that makes them look aesthetically dramatic. These accessories are ideal for adding a bold touch to an ordinary outfit, as I demonstrate in the following photo.

Big belt and thrift necklace

Me, wearing one of the necklaces and the belt! This look is so simplistic but it’s unique. Here, I paired a basic striped t-shirt with the untraditional large buckle and colorful necklace! By adding untraditional accessories it accentuates the entire look and makes the basic t-shirt look quite trendy!

Vintage decor items from the thrift store

Out of the trips my roommate and I made to IKEA, Target and other stores alike, we didn’t find any decor like the treasures we found at the thrift store. First item on the left is a lovely yellow vase, sitting on the window sill in our kitchen. The item in the middle photo is a vintage floral shaped decor plate, which is featured as the center piece on our kitchen table. Photo on the far right is an antique-looking chest, which is perfect for storing treasures!


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