Celtic Couture

Friday night I went out for drinks with my friend Sean, he’s Irish. We spoke about his Irish step-dancing among other topics including geeky science stuff that I actually find intellectually stimulating… Sean performed a traditional Irish step dance with Corcairdhearg (pronounced: Core-Key-AIR-egg) for Shakira at Harvard’s, Sanders Theatre during Cultural Rhythms.

Irish Dance Dress, Matching Skirts

Irish step dancing is phenomenal for more than the rapid foot movement and rhythm. I’m particularly intrigued by the dresses the women wear. The traditional Irish dancing dresses have stiff embroidered pleated skirts, which come in an array of vibrant color combinations with authentic designs and intricate detailing.  Although I don’t own much European street or ethnic clothing aside from select higher-end pieces designed by English, Parisian, and Italian designers…. I’m obsessed with Irish step dancing costumes, I would wear the costume everyday if I could get away with it. And I’m considering ordering an Irish dancing suit for the next time I go out. In any case, I wear the runway everyday so Irish dancing dresses would not turn heads that much more. What do you think?

Irish step dance dress collage

Irish Step-Dancing Dresses

Multi-Colored Traditional Irish Dance Dresses

Here’s the video of Sean step dancing with fellow Harvard students for Shakira at Cultural Rhythms… This ought to also be a fashion show…

P.S. Let's socialize!

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