Five Patriotic Favorites

My journalism professor suggested in an email, I “should ask…” people “…why they dress up for 4th of July. It is not a costume party holiday for most people, unlike Halloween, or Christmas or Mardi Gras.” He said this in regard to my upcoming interviews with people dressing outrageous for the 4th of July. Despite the costume factor, patriotism and the 4th of July holiday phenomenon have a profound impact on our culture that’s influenced fashion, art, beauty, and so much more.

Patriotic Louboutin's $775

Patriotic Louboutin’s, which look American vintage inspired. These shoes will create a chic contrast with many outfits and be useful for more than the 4th of July. Yes, I idolize them…

Patriotic Couture

Fashionistas sporting the Star Spangle Banner with a glamorous edge. The oversize flag shirts inject a hobo-chic vibe into these patriotic inspired looks, which are perfect for celebrating 4th of July in style. The flag shirt can compliment jeans, leggings, skirts, and so much more!

4th of July Lips

These lips are lovely and luscious. Smacking on patriotic colored lipsticks is an original way to break the ice and find the truely perfect American man. I wish I had the resources at my disposal to get this look.

July 4th Cake

July 4th Cake

Four tier 4th of July inspired cake! It looks delicious… I love the unorthodox stacked Star Spangled cake. This is truly an authentic piece of edible art that took tons of craftsmanship and construction… I wonder how many hours this took to design and bake?

Vintage Uncle Sam Birthday Poster

Uncle Sam is the official 4th of July Santa Clause. Uncle Sam’s top hat has been on the market as a 4th of July fashion must have since 1776, it’s literally a fourth of July cultural staple. The poster is also a true piece of vintage beauty on its own…


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