On the street

Today I went to Quincy Market on assignment and took a nice stroll.  I wore my Chanel sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff bag, BCBG banded skirt, vintage belt, Stuart Weitzman sandals and Marc Jacobs leopard print shirt. I encountered quite a few street vendors selling anomalous, miscellaneous handmade items that looked aesthetically unique with vintage twists. I’ve always preferred handmade items more than mass-produced because I appreciate the authentic detailing and one of a kind factor.

Belt Stop: Change purses, clutches, and cell phone cases

Animal accessories always add an exotic touch and have a vintage appeal that looks quite unique and interesting. I particularly like these clutches because they’re handmade with intricate detailing that’s extremely stylish.

Belt Stop: Belt buckles

These belt buckles are handcrafted with iconic pop culture imagery and beaded patterns that look chic . Adding these buckles to any outfit will guarantee you’ll draw eyes and look stylish. I particularly think the buckles adorned with beading have a sophisticated flair.

Magic Rice: Beaded jewelry

Stuck On Stickpins: Jewelry

Stacking bright, big, chunky jewelry is essential during the summer season to make lighter clothing look sophisticated. In Boston, we’ve been having scorching heat in the high 80’s and it’s grossly humid, so going bold on my accessories is key in order to literally survive.

Boston Art Gallery, paintings of Boston skyline and classical city characteristics

There is just something so nostalgic about a colonial style street vendor cart full of paintings.



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