Aliens and astronauts

The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis marked the bitter-sweet end for NASA’s 30 yr space shuttle program.

Though I couldn’t do astrophysics or engineering if my life depended on it… I think the notion of visiting outer space or living in a world without gravity would be a pretty mesmerizing experience. Nevertheless, astronauts and aliens have influenced a  realm of futuristic fashion, which typically has metallic sharp edges to resemble astronaut space suits or futuristic design elements that resemble style trends during the space age.

The space age in the late 1950’s initially inspired outer space theme fashion before the NASA shuttle program.

Pierre Cardin’s Space Age Fashion

You’re witnessing history, fashionista’s land on the moon. This photo shoot is ingenious since it’s mimicking a meaningful moment in history that adds substance to the trend and puts an indelible mark on the marketing campaign

60’s Emilio Pucci, Space age helmut

I’m enamoured by the way designer, Emilio Pucci added a haute twist to the 1960’s space age inspired look. Here, wearing a huge transparent helmut looks sophisticated…

These are some sexy space suits….

Model sports sexy space inspired suits engineered out of metal and traditional fabrics. The hat resembles a UFO, which adds the orbiting effect. I think these outfits look brilliant because they’re minimalist with bold clean line edges. But it took one heck of a fashion engineer to balance out this astro inspired equation.

Balenciaga goes gold

Balenciaga rocks outer space with a glitzy, golden astro inspired outfit that looks smart and sophisticated. Plus, I’m totally digging the sky-high heels that look like robotic banana peels.

Scherer Gonzalez, Futuristic Collection

This space suit is one work of art that took the brain juice of artistic enginners to make this couture creation land…

Though I’ve never believed in aliens or UFO’s, I think the concept of potential pre-existing intelligent life within our galaxy or another universe is surreal! Looking like an alien might be different but they have an atypical beauty factor that’s eye catching, which makes them an ‘out of this world’ fashion accessory….

Photographer Paco Peregrín and stylist Kattaca, Alien Dolls photo shoot for Avenue Illustrated Magazine. 

Photographer Paco Peregrín and stylist Kattaca, Alien Dolls photo shoot for Avenue Illustrated Magazine.


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