Afternoon Tea

I discussed high tea fashion with one of my best friend’s, who works in PR for a tea company. Because I’m a huge fan of unconventional fashion, I started to wonder if there are ‘tea bag couturiers’. Well, guess what? Tea bag couturiers exist and I’m totally digging their creations that are truly exquisite pieces of art.

Lipton Tea Bag Packet Dress

Mannequin striking a pose in the window of a NYC coffee and tea bar, wearing a bodycon tube dress constructed with Lipton tea bag packets, which also adorn the mannequins hair.

Twinnings Tea Bag Corset

This is reminiscent of a cool runway project. The layering of the tea bags and draping of the strings adds a unique ripple effect to the corset. I love the pink bows that add a quirky, but more elegant twist too.

Anthropologie Tea Bag Window Display…

Now that’s one heck of a work of art….

Tea bag and Coffee Filter Ball Gown

This ball gown style dress is work of art that’s fit for olde, traditional English afternoon tea. The intricate design and meticulous craftsmanship make this couture creation unlike any other.

Prada Tea Bags and Boxes…

Prada takes tea couture up a few notches by crafting beautifully patterned tea boxes with matching bags…


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