Geek Chic Classic

I’m definitely not the stereotypical ‘nerd’. Although I’m a total high fashion and lifestyle product addict, I’m still a nerd with a deep intellectual curiosity. I’m obsessed with the classic geek chic look, which will always be in style in my books. The geek chic look can incorporate a variety of classic wardrobe pieces including  a combination of tapered pants, blazers, blouses, and much more…. Of course to geek-ify the outfit to the maximum it can always be topped-off with huge glasses and suspenders. Though the look comes in countless variations, it always looks smart and sophisticated….

Classic Geek Chic Look

  1. Giulietta Contrast-collar crepe blouse $490
  2. Equipment Signature leopard-print silk-chiffon shirt  $230
  3. Reiss Melodie Twin Pocket Blazer $185
  4. RAG & BONE The Bailey Tan Plaid Jacket $450
  5. Alice + Olivia Arthur tapered silk-blend crepe pants $200
  6. Carolina Herrera Plaid bouclé skirt  $297
  7. American Apparel Unisex Suspender – 1/2 inch $18
  8. Red Nerd Sunglasses $2.70
  9. Seychelles Clue Bootie – Yellow $90
  10. The Cambridge Satchel Company Upwardly Mobile Satchel In Red 14″ $134.99

Street style geek chic. I’m particularly digging the pops of color and textured skirt that adds some extra edge.

Geek Chic on the Runway: I love the glasses

Geek Chic Couture by Catherine Malandrino. I think it’s interesting that the ‘Nerd’ stereotype inspires designers to bring out the fashionistas intellectual curiosity…


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