Gearing into high style…

Whenever I walk down Newbury Street or around the Boston Common, I encounter billions of classical American inspirations. These inspirations are not necessarily sartorial, per se. But I particularly enjoy the surroundings because they’re integral to cultural rhythm!

I’m infatuated with Prada’s Summer 2012 Collection because it’s inspired by exotic American hot rods and vintage culture blazing into high fashion! Prada’s hot rod shoes, accessories adorned with 1960’s art, and iconic ensembles are lighting up style with blazing heels and tail fin finishes….

Prada Summer 2012 Ad Campaign: These shoes are blazing! I’m putting a pair on pre-order….

Prada Summer 2012 Ad Campaign: I love the boldness in the classic, light pastel ensembles. I also adore the spray painted, clip art inspired clutches and accessories. 

Very 60’s classic!!! I’m enamored with the iconic, timeless look in this ad including the floral dress, multi-silk scarf use, round glasses and much more with beautiful embellishments!! These 1960’s pieces are a good fashion investment because they’ll never go out of style….


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