Modern Couture

I’m currently in the midst of rearranging my closet for my Spring wardrobe. I’m excited about adding in the boldness and creativity of London-based designer, Mary Katrantzou’s Spring 2012 Collection. Katrantzou is a real artistic prodigy with an eye for style innovation, which makes her couture creations transfer into ‘wearable art’. I think the intricate detailing and elegance in her collection, combined with her vivid use of color make her the pioneer of modern couture….

Mary Katrantzou: The prettiest business suits I’ve ever seen! I would just love to wear one of these couture concoctions to work!

Mary Katrantzou: The most beautiful dresses ever! 

Mary Katrantzou: The architecture of these outfits is breathtaking!

Mary Katrantzou: These short dresses are actually classy with a vintage twist!!!


One thought on “Modern Couture

  1. The print somewhat reminds me of the poppies from the Wizard of Oz, and that dress with the red-floral train reminds me of the makeshift robe that they make in the movie for the Cowardly Lion! That might sound absurd, but that’s what the collection reminds me of. :P

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