Going couturier…

With the Oscar’s hitting  screens worldwide on Sunday night, I can’t help but think about elegant and sophisticated couturier gowns celebrities will be adorning across the red carpet… Although we don’t know what celebs will be wearing exactly at this moment, I have my heart set on a few gowns that I’m enamored with in particular! I thought I should share a few of my favorites to showcase these breathtaking one of a kind creations because they’re quite exquisite! xo

Christian Dior: Couture Gown – while this might not be Oscar attire, per se. It’s definitely blazing up the runway with a black bodice contrasting warm and rich tones that will light up any party!!

Chanel: Couture Gown – This simple and elegant gown exemplifies Chanel’s classic couture creations for the sophisticated woman!

Oscar de la Renta: Couture Gown: Emma Watson walks the red carpet in an exquisite Oscar de la Renta, couturier gown at the premier of the final Harry Potter Movie in NYC!

Christian Lacroix: Couture Gown – Parisian Designer, Christian Lacroix is a renown couturier who is known for his eclectic, yet elegant designs that are classical, which consist of artistry and craftsmanship at their finest!


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