Resort Relaxation

With Memorial Day around the corner, socialites are hitting the Hamptons and Cape for their perfect long weekend getaways. Regardless, it’s important to stay in style for the perfect getaway- to relax during the day and go to the hottest events at night. Resort wear is easy to pack and lightweight to make traveling convenient. This year’s haute resort trends are eclectic with an array of color blocking, neon shades, bold prints, plus muted white and pastel tones too.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2012: Bottega’s resort line is perfect for fashion lovers who want to show-off their strong sense of style and personality.

Prada’s  Resort 2012: Prada’s latest collection is super geek chic with timeless, yet preppy pieces that are very versatile and classic.

Gucci Resort 2012: There’s nothing better than lime green to add a bold touch that brightens a flawless and clean line look…

Givenchy Resort 2012: I’m enamored with Givenchy’s looks! They’re adventurous and kaleidoscopic, which are perfect for sporting day and night!

Chanel Resort 2012: The white tones combined with intricate floral detailing are very fresh! Like always, Karl Lagerfeld preserves Chanel’s much revered iconic trademark by keeping this year’s resort line simply sophisticated with a contemporary edge!


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