Punk’d-up style inspirations!

Inspired by my addiction to art and runway trends, I tend to spice up my appearance with unconventional heels, clashing patterns and bold accessories. But injecting spikes, studs, pistols, and chains always brings extra excitement to the table! While I love going glamorous in strands of pearls, ruffles or just styling new looks altogether — I’ve always been influenced by punk popular culture! Unlike any sub-cultural cohort, punks indelibly shape street and luxury style across the globe. Although punk-related stereotypes are notorious for rebellious living and incorporating histrionical elements into style– I admire their authentic craftsmanship and artwork. Their care free and non-conforming attitudes are fueled with strong personality and striking fashion statements that prevail over traditional trends in my books!

Punk inspired Louboutin’s: These heels have strong attitude and speak for themselves!

Punk inspired street style: Phillip Lim top with spiked sleeves, paired with a black and white mini checker patterned Prada clutch — exhibits punk’d style elements inspiring couture!

Punk inspired prep: This gold spiked necklace adds lots of class to any look!

Japanese punk: Simply artistic masterpieces with loads of vibrant colors!

O-Ring Leather Belt: Crafted with chains and studs, this O-Ring belt is breathtaking, accentuated against a red corset with black lace and cobweb pattern mesh.

Punk’d up jacket: This piece is a work of art with sentimental symbols and fierce style!

Studded leather jacket: I would love to rock this jacket! This jacket is truly an exquisite piece of eye popping artwork that adds an authentic kick to a range of looks!

Punk masterpieces: simply put, it’s a style masterpiece xo!

Couture inspired punk: Adding studded bag and bracelets to a couture inspired, ladylike ensembles gives such a classic look a bad ass vibe that will get people talking!

Punk jewels: combining hoards of spiked leather adornments and dark color accessories adds a touch of elegant class!

Punk pants and boots: Combining torn, patchwork jeans and mid-calf boots is a killer way to show-off your creativity!


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