Summer sartorial must-haves

With the first day of summer less than two weeks away, my latest editorial pick is inspired by my top 10 sartorial must-haves to stay stylish in scorching temperatures. Signature wardrobe investments like animal print and neutral tone garments create contrasting style statements- against this season’s bright color and floral print phenomenon.

1. Sunglasses: Flattering sunglasses are an eternal sartorial investment but selecting shades depends more on your facial contour rather than seasonal inspirations.

2. Bling: Adorning your look with supersize treasures, adds glamour to styling lighter material garments –that are essential to be chic — conquering blazing heat.

3. Flat embellished sandals: Flat sandals with embellishments add a touch of ladylike luxury without the ache of heels. For many women, packing flats is just as essential to carrying a wallet.

4. Detailed swimwear: Relaxing on the beach is a traditional must! But sporting chic swimwear matters just as much! Going for detailed swimsuits will make you the prime trendsetter on any coast.

5. Kaftans: Whether you’re indulging in the Hamptons or exotic shorelines abroad, kaftans are a timeless must-pack. After a day in paradise, slip it on over your swimsuit and top off your outfit with sparkling jewels for cocktails at dusk.

6. Leather carryall bags: Leather carryalls polish any socialite from work to the weekend by enriching any ensemble, while holding everything essential to survive your style rotation and travel with classic sophistication.

7. Maxi dress:  The dramatic flow of  elongated fabric creates runway silhouettes with effortless elegance, rendering the maxi – the garment on the go.

8. Simple short sleeve tops:  Complimenting an array of mod accessories and bottoms, minimalist short sleeve tops are a prime necessity for structuring countless ensembles.

9. Contemporary shorts: Solid color shorts are a universal wardrobe staple for summer. But going for a pair in striking materials like python, leather, or lace -gives this signature garment a dose of dramatic personality.

10. Show-stopping heels: This summer is about jaw dropping heels, so splurging on couture sandals with contrasting neutral tone textures– will inject your closet with couture punch eternally.


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