All clashed-up

I’m obsessed with listening to a mix of music ranging from The Rolling Stones to Rihanna! With the Much Music Video Awards (MMVA’s) hitting Toronto, I’m suddenly a musical junkie entrenched in an eclectic state– jamming to everything  from classic rock to modern pop. The music industry exerts a profound influence on global trendsetting and fashion. Psychedelic festivals to international award shows have become some of the hottest inspirations in pop culture and history. Many artists from punk rock stars to pop sensations are renown role models of self-expression, originality and creativity –and set the tone for the latest trends!

Loving the urban country vibe — meshing cool shades with plaid, denim, and lush scenery.

Hippies rocking a psychedelic bus at Woodstock! Their fashion statements influenced literature, art and much more!

Woodstock Mural by Alain Bertrand. This is one ultra cool, psychedelic work of art!

This is so f**king awesome– a true work of art with strong personality!

There’s nothing better than getting lost in vintage records! My mom has hoards of old records and I just love them! xo!

These stripe tights are reminiscent of a jail uniform, which makes them bad ass; they represent my alter-ego. Overall, I’m enamored with the stripes because of their sartorial power and psychedelic twist that can be mesmerizing! Plus, who wouldn’t want tights that could spin discs!?!?

old school music inspo

Those are some wicked hippie eyes!

I’d love to rock these musical tights!


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