Chanel and Hermès, mod inspired art

Chanel boxes and Hermès Birkin Bag pop inspired art!

As everyone knows, I’m a pop culture junkie and modern art addict: I’ll also spontaneously write about random things that inspire my style. Thus, given my artistic state of mind from my last post, I created the following picture with a culmination of markers, pencil crayons, watercolor paint and printing techniques! Voila! This masterpiece is derived from the fact: most of the world’s preeminent fashion houses are sought after for their branding, just like their merchandise. Hence, I have a tendency to keep my packaging from many of my own purchases. But that’s beside the point, yet in case you’re curious, I’m occasionally guilty of adorning my apartment with designer bags and boxes. I sometimes think it’s funny that our cardboard and plastic scraps silently contribute to our personal or social status quo, just as much as the products we wear! Well, unlike the Chanel boxes, the Hermès Birkin Bag is handmade, crafted in leather and named after celebrity, Jane Birkin. Like the hoards of Chanel boxes, the bag is also a cultural symbol of wealth because of its high price from $9000 – $150,000 and exclusive status (just like much of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest creations that are packaged in the iconic, Chanel boxes). Though I’m dying for a Birkin bag, I’m thinking I might be better off with a Ferrari, or an entire addition to my wardrobe and BMW, while making over a million other investments simultaneously… In the meantime, I plan on plastering my wall with this lovely modern masterpiece featuring the Birkin bag surrounded by Chanel boxes!

See, I can somewhat paint or draw! Until next time, all you Trendy Nerds alike, enjoy! xo!


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