Fall Forecasting

Fall inspiration from the TopShop, Co-ord Tapestry Floral Blazer

Despite the scorching 90 degree heat, I’ve already started browsing for next season’s sartorial statements. Given the culmination of our snowless winter and blazing summer, I wonder if we’ll have 80 degree temperatures in the middle of next season? Well, it’s safe to say the answer remains ambiguous, yet a meteorologist might argue differently (note: I’m scientifically inept). Anyhow, with September around the corner, designers are unleashing the hottest finds from the February runways!  Like always, I’m super stoked! Fall is my favorite season to search for style since the moderate temps provoke fashionistas to vest more versatility in their wardrobes! But I’m particularly looking forward to hoarding luxurious pieces inspired by vintage trends from grandmas gamut of floral prints– to sporting modern motifs like exploring different ways to do pattern blocking. While Dolce & Gabanna is crafting much of their latest collection with tapestries, Anna Sui is giving the timeless tweed jacket mod embellishments. But regardless of designs hitting runways worldwide, my fall wardrobe always incorporates warmth with deep red, orange and brown hues. And this year, I’m also psyched to give classics like animal prints, lace and leather a whole new twist! Anyway, here’s the latest from my upcoming wish list!


4 thoughts on “Fall Forecasting

  1. Love this post! I’ve never seen a “fall forecast” post before and it has inspired me. Personally, I think funky pockets will be the next big thing.

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