Good ole ‘Hahvahd’

Before I officially hit the books, my younger sister Michelle came to stay with me for a few days at Harvard or ‘Hahvahd’, as dubbed by locals. Of course, we had to do some traditional sight seeing around Cambridge, Boston and ‘Hahvahd’. With Michelle’s talent for capturing breathtaking photos, she shot a gamut of exquisite images across campus. Given Harvard’s rich history, culture and architecture from 1636 AD — [including the colonial cobblestone and brick walkways adorning the campus, Cambridge and the Boston area, in general] render it nearly insurmountable to spend an entire day navigating in heels. Although I’m rarely spotted without an inch or two on foot, I wore my leather Steve Madden gladiator sandals to avoid nearly obliterating my feet. Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave the apartment without making a sartorial statement. So, I compensated for my flats by resorting to ‘obnoxious’ oversize Prada shades and bright color fix– tapered, fluorescent red shorts from H&M. As always, the specs and saturated bottoms ‘did the trick’ to inject my motif with volume. Plus, I glamorized the ensemble with my Givenchy belt and an assortment of miscellaneous crystal, leather and beaded bling! Stay tuned, I’ll post the rest of Michelle’s shots around Beantown shortly!

Of course, I struck another pose at Widener Library. Shirt: Zara, shorts: H&M, belt: Givenchy, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, sunglasses: Prada, jewelry: miscellaneous, sandals: Steve Madden. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon.

Widener Library. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon

Widener Library interior shot; I let Mich sneak in with my ID. Shh, it was only for a few seconds. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon

At Annenberg (aka Memorial Hall). Photo credit: Michelle Solomon.

Annenberg Hall. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon

Strolling Harvard Yard. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon.

Dorms in the Yard. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon

At Harvard Square. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon.

In the Harvard Coop. Photo credit: Michelle Solomon.

P.S. Check out Michelle Elyse Photography!


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