Fall Vintage Inspo

As we’re coming to the end of one season and the start of another, I’m becoming increasingly inspired by the wardrobe changing ritual, as well as combining one-of-a-kind consigned and thrifted vintage pieces with my contemporary garments. Because I’ve always been obsessed with the nostalgic attributes of older fashion and photography; English photographer, Norman Parkinson’s work has become a prime source of inspiration!  I’m truly a sucker for photography and paintings, hence my apartment is somewhat of an art gallery within itself. Any how, although Parkinson is well-known for shooting numerous Harper Bazaar and Vogue spreads, as well as fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Iman– his other work is no exception. All of his photos feature a culmination of stylish, witty and cool trends, which I plan to incorporate in my current wardrobe . Plus, his photos convey a tale of how Britain’s austere culture in the 1950’s sashayed into the swinging 60s. In addition, these images are spectacular for offering tips to stay on trend with this season’s 1950s-inspired looks! By the way, cheers to kicking-off London Fashion Week!!!

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson, Vogue 1969.
I’m lust over the pearl necklace and oversize hat that make this an extraordinary motif.

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson – Jane Birkin, Vogue 1966.
Hermes named the bag after this English icon sporting a classy ensemble to perfection in a chic vintage library! xo!

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson
The button-up belted dress, accessorized with vintage style bags and hat create an adorable look, which is truly timeless!

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson, 1957
Ivey Nicholson sporting a chic, matching well tailored dress and cap with a contrasting striped white and khaki vest and umbrella.

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson
As everyone knows, I love sporting my fur collar coats since they’re very classic and chic for rendering a fashion forward look for any occasion. Plus, who doesn’t love London? I definitely do!

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson! More fur and vintage gloves always make me ecstatic! And they’re perfect for transitioning from fall to winter too!

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson, Vogue 1952
This is the epitome of glamour, I’m obsessed with vintage style headpiece, shawl, wrist bling and other adornments, which all make powerful sartorial statements!

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson
I admire the composition of the photo like all the others. But I’m especially intrigued by the sexual appeal of the Little Black Dress.

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson
A dose of exciting vintage dress, hat, pump and glove madness!

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson
I love the soft feminine look of this ensemble and nostalgic appeal of the photo.

Photo credit: Norman Parkinson.
Living in New England is inspiring me to rock the sailor chic look for fall, it’s so powerful and one-of-a-kind!

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