Statement spikes and studs

I’ve developed a mad sartorial fetish for accessorizing with lots of studs and spikes this season. Emerging LA-based designer and artist, Shannon of Gasoline Glamour has the power to satisfy my craving and take this trend out of this world with show stopping statement pieces. In addition to adorning shoes and accessories in hoards of crystals and clowns, Shannon is also a prodigious force with spikes and studs not to be reckoned with. From eye-popping accessories and jewelry to bad ass shoes, her over the top approach to customizing handcrafted pieces sets Gasoline Glamour apart from any designer collection. Shannon’s avant-garde attitude and style showcase Gasoline Glamour’s unconventional flair.

Here, are my favorite studded and spiked pieces this season, make sure you check-out Gasoline Glamour for more excitement!

1. Black Leather Gloves, 2. Gutter Stud Necklace, 3. Alice Spike Ring Gold, 4. Studded Booties, 5. Spike Silver Cuff.


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