Spicing up the LBD

Prior to attending yesterday’s inaugural BFW events, I kicked-off the evening with a photo shoot in an alleyway near Newbury St. While keeping the motif timeless with an exquisite Dior little black dress (LBD), I injected a strong dose of contemporary pizzaz by sporting gold studded open toe booties, a vintage handbag and throng of assorted bracelets. By accentuating the LBD with head-turning kicks and accessories, I rendered an outfit that became a sartorial center piece. My entire ensemble didn’t only turn heads but yielded a multitude of outstanding compliments too. In spite of adorning my Dior LBD with eye-popping contrast, the best part of the evening was meeting Fern Mallis, she’s the creator of NYFW and an entrepreneurial fashion arbiter. People like Fern, who innovate and make an indefinite impact on the industry, have always been inspirational to me, as an aspiring fashion editor. In addition, Fern delivered a compelling speech, which proved her contributions beyond the sartorial world are truly no exception too!

In an alley way!

Dress: Christian Dior Shoes: Zara Sunglass’: Fendi Bag: Vintage, bracelets: assorted, earrings: Swarovski.

Outstanding booties and vintage bag!

Assortment of embellished, studded and leather bracelets…

Finally, my highlight of the evening, meeting the amazing Fern Mallis!


2 thoughts on “Spicing up the LBD

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