Milan Street Madness

Between mid-terms at Harvard and sartorial coverage in Boston, I was induced into a hiatus from the blogosphere during Fashion Week in Milan and Paris! Nevertheless, I’m still enamored with flipping through style on the streets from Spring 2013 for sartorial inspiration in both cities! Although this might be ironic, I admire the streets, as much as the runway collections at international Fashion Week events. Because the surroundings are packed with show-stopping and one-of-a-kind creativity too. From mismatch ensembles to oversize head-to-toe prints, Italian trendsetters took over Milan’s roads with serious looks at Fashion Week for Spring 2013! While some turned heads with multi-color fur and oversize florals for a contemporary motif, others kept it cute and classic with original twists!

The oversize print and contrast with clutch render an eye-popping ensemble!

The multi-color fur is so chic and contemporary!

The mix between traditional wardrobe staples and mod pieces is killer!

Oversize bangles always rock a party!

I always love keeping houndstooth in the closet, it can turn any outfit into a sartorial masterpiece!

Multi-color fur is my next wardrobe investment, I’m digging it especially paired with lace!

Flower power, loving the oversize florals plastering all the looks!

Makes me feel like a kid in a candy store in all the right ways. Sporting cartoons is always fun and playful!


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