What an athlete!

Let’s face it, I’m not winning an award for athlete of the year, nor making the NFL cheerleading squad. But I’ll admit, I stay in shape by occasionally going to the gym, walking everywhere [usually in heels] and eating healthy in moderation. I’m also not your typical all-American girl, I prefer fedoras to baseball caps, any day. As a fashionista, I won’t be caught in public wearing sports paraphernalia, shapeless or athletic apparel, sneakers, nor anything related– to Boston’s notoriously repulsive sartorial reputation. Sure, Bostonians seem to be wicked awesome people, overall! But, yesterday my mother said, part of my social awkwardness stems from the way I dress because my unorthodox ensembles can “deter other people.” Henceforth, she suggested, “[I] wear a pair of plain pants, t-shirt, sneakers, and sweater since I’m at Harvard, not a fashion runway.” Being my stubborn-self, I replied, “So what? My style is part of identity, if people can’t accept that– it’s their own loss.” Despite the runways extravagant reputation, it’s still simple to curate casual  RTW inspired looks for day and night. While I won’t wear a couture gown, nor baseball cap to school or work; I have a fetish for heels; vivid prints, colors, textures and so much more. The way I dress reflects my creativity and personality! Out of respect for my mother I endeavored pursuing her advice; I tried to stay relaxed and chic in my D&G t-shirt, bright red jeans and pale Moschino blazer, while cuffing my studded Steve Madden boots to resemble sneakers. Now, I’m strutting the streets in athletic-esque kicks! So, here’s my latest sartorial spread inspired by my mother’s advice! While I’m still not inclined to change my ways for the sake of comfort or to ‘fit-in,’ I’ll give myself a BIG 10 for styling sneakers! What an athlete? Maybe I should pitch for the Red Sox, eh? Enjoy!

Shirt: D&G, blazer: Moschino, pants: J Brand, shades: Marni, shoes: Steve Madden, belt: vintage. Posing on the steps of Widener Library at Harvard University.


5 thoughts on “What an athlete!

  1. I don’t think you should change the way you dress for other people, you don’t really want friends who wouldn’t speak to you because of your clothes. You’re outfit is really nice, especially the boots.

    Effie x

  2. I agree with Effie. Have whatever style you feel comfortable with. Your real friends won’t be bothered, just inspired! Besides, those caps are so … Humm… I can’t find a nice word so I’ll say I wore them when I was 14, like, 15 years ago! It’s in the past… Fedoras are so much nicer! ;)

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