Testino x Oxblood and Leopard

On top of highlighting the usual lookbook close-ups, I incorporated my shot with Mario Testino! He’s such a personal inspiration, so meeting Testino at the MFA preview is inarguably the best part of my birthday! In addition to madly coveting Testino’s previously blogged vivid masterpieces, I ought to indicate he has an exceptional personality. While discussing the inspirations behind his exhibit, he chatted about going nearly bankrupt at the infancy of his career by splurging on fashion, which I can sympathize with on many levels. But the best advice he personally offered me is “to be myself!” Hearing his words was elating since that’s what Trend Nerd is all about, hence the reason I started blogging! While many women would jump off a bridge to be the next Anna Wintour or Nina Garcia, he stressed it’s so imperative to cultivate your own niche, to be something different and set yourself apart! Now, back to the sartorial critique…. Clashing oxblood and leopard print creates head-turning ensembles, which can be coordinated in countless variations! And I couldn’t resist strutting the strength of my five inch Dolce & Gabbana booties, especially contrasted with oxblood tights! Complimenting my motif with an Emilio Pucci lace merlot skirt and black silk Yohji Yamamoto shirt, enhanced the kicks and legs impeccably. With such a simplistic torso pairing, I adorned my outfit with an abundance of opulent gold jewelry including an Escada necklace, coupled with vintage earrings and bracelets! xo

Posing inside Testino’s new exhibit, In Your Face. Top: Yohji Yamamoto, skirt: Emilio Pucci, booties: Dolce & Gabbana, necklace: Escada, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, bracelets and earrings: vintage, tights: Macy’s.

Striking a pose with Mario Testino at the MFA, Boston.

At the MFA with the adorable Ben Glassner (a.k.a Trendarazzi)… Although this image is blurry, I think it’s still a cute pic and couldn’t resist! P.S. While we met in Sep, I still think it’s hilarious Ben introduced himself and recognized me prior for sporting my pink floral pants, which gives him bonus points since it’s so hard to find men who recognize people by what they wear, the way I do…. Anyway, make sure you checkout his blog: http://www.trendarazzi.com/

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