Haunting heels

Apart from knowing I’ll celebrate Halloween at my friend’s party, I’m not sure what I’ll be! At the moment, my costume still remains ambiguous… While every store has been packed with Halloween paraphernalia since August, the ghoulish mood is finally starting to kick-in, after I’m bombarded with ‘spooky’ decorations for two months. In addition to thinking about my costume and favorite treats, I’m also digging skeletal and gothic inspired sartorial statements. I’m not talking about dressing-up as a witch or  superwoman! I actually have an insane fetish for morbidly crafted apparel and accessories. Of course, I can’t resist a wicked skull-adorned Alexander McQueen clutch or accessory. But these DSQUARED2 Skeleton Heels take it to the next level with my name written all over them! I think I have the power to rock these vertebrae kicks all year round and I’d totally take pride in doing it! From leather and oxblood outfits to strutting studs and jeans, these shoes make hauntingly haute statements for pairing with hundreds of looks! Seriously, I already get hoards of outrageous compliments around town for the way I dress, so I wonder what Bostonians will think about these?


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