Trendsetters Rock Toronto’s Streets

While World Mastercard Fashion Week wraps-up in Toronto, it’s imperative to covet the trendsetters rocking the city’s streets. Apart from splurging in Yorkville, especially at Holt Renfrew and Mendocino on my native land visits, I’ve never fit-in into the Toronto sartorial scene, per se. But that’s besides the point, upon browsing both Fashion and Flare’s coverage of trends invading the streets at Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013, I’m elated to explore an abundance of visually compelling motifs. From fluorescent reptile jackets and vivid prints– to outfits with golden embellishments and opulent adornments, Toronto was overloaded with many must-haves. I’ve seemingly established an intrinsic bias toward pattern and geometric print garments because they exude the strength to render an array of glamorous looks. Yet, I’m particularly infatuated by the hoards of fur hats, vests and coats, which channel an air of eclectic luxury, especially when clashed with contemporary-inspired compositions like pattern and texture blocks!


4 thoughts on “Trendsetters Rock Toronto’s Streets

  1. Sweet blog! I just moved back to Boston in September so it’s great to see some Boston bloggers putting out some great content! I’ll be sure to check back

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