Nerd specs

As you’ll notice, the richly saturated foliage adorning Harvard and New England in general is making this area into a picturesque utopia. So, before Sandy struck Boston last week, I teamed with Josh for my latest fall photo shoot, which we curated along the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge. There’s something truly majestic about Harvard that extends beyond its reputation, as a glossy cover utopia and population of liquor loving nerds! Surrounded by breathtaking ambience in a colonial oasis, I had too many phenomenal shots that I couldn’t eliminate my favorite photos. Yet, I thought it would be too overwhelming to incorporate all these pictures into one post. Thus, I’m allocating this post solely to my quirky, trendsetting and somewhat obnoxious– thick black frame, colossal-size nerd specs. Amidst my Ivey League surroundings, I strutted a few poses in these geek chic beauty’s, which I complimented with my Equipment blouse, Oscar de la Renta earrings and spiked cuff I bought from a random street vendor. Anyways, just don’t think I’m sporting these specs for the sake of Halloween, it’s funny since I’m inherently socially awkward and nerdy, hence the name of this blog. Nevertheless, I’m obsessed with nerd glasses since they have the power to transform your entire look. I think they’ve redefined what it means to wear glasses, which makes them on the same plane as jewelry and any other accessory to enhance your look. While I have prescription Dolce & Gabbana glass’ but typically opt for contacts (for convenience), my nerd specs only cost $2.00 on Amazon! This is the deal of a lifetime, which I doubt you’ll ever spot on this blog, again! Stay tuned, there’s so much more excitement in the air….

Blouse: Equipment, earrings: Oscar de la Renta, cuff: street vendor, specs: Amazon. Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

The Charles River in Cambridge, Mass surrounded by beautiful fall foliage. Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters


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