Fancy Pants

Patterned and printed pieces are a prime go-to for showcasing strong style. And my metallic navy and copper baroque ‘fancy pants’ from ASOS are one of my wardrobe must-haves for flashing royal fashion statements. They’ve become a head-turning sensation, not only among my friends but people have stopped me for strutting them on the street too. According to my TA, my bottom’s resemble his mother’s curtains and tablecloth back in Tennessee. But textiles aside, these bottom’s are at the top of high-fashion territory. I kicked-off this sartorial spread by coupling my ‘fancy pants’ with an Equipment blouse, which struck the perfect balance of casual elegance to go from day-to-night. Between experimenting with outrageous poses for the second half of the shoot, I mastered the art of the effortless cool by contrasting my trouser’s and bold Vivienne Westwood plaid jacket. (Continued after photo 6 featuring my typical smirk)

Pretending to be serious! Blouse: Equipment, pants: ASOS, belt: Givenchy, shades: Marni, booties: Sam Edelman, earrings: Oscar de la Renta, oxblood tights:Lord & Taylor, bracelets: H&M and the talented street vendor. Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

My sarcastic face… And what was I thinking? Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Here’s, an awkward smirk, just being my quirky self?! What else do you want lol? Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Of course, no look is complete without a plethora of accessories. While my last post solely starred the nerd specs, this one features bling and booties too. For a flair of badass attitude, amidst an abundance of prim and proper Ivey League inspired blocks; I clashed my red spike cuff and wrap bracelets with royal blue gingham and striped bangles. By adorning my ensemble with a Givenchy belt and Oscar de la Renta earrings, I retained the long-lost taste of lavish luxury neglected on my wrists! Since the signature oversize specs are irresistible under blinding rays, I sported Marni sunny’s for a tres-chic touch. With a sleek shape and well-structured craftsmanship, my Alexander Wang tote has become my go-to carryall for an edge of polished sophistication. Finally, I finished-off with sky-high Sam Edelman wedge booties, they have somewhat of a nautical air, coinciding well with the colonial oasis surrounding the river.

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters

Photo credit: Joshua Matthew Peters


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