Haute Homeless

I came across an editorial in Vogue Germany entitled ‘Signs of the Time’, which has a chic, but powerful message. Starring Magdalena Langrova and captured by Sebastian Kim, this spread reflects the realities of homelessness with haute couture. Despite highlighting the dire circumstances millions encounter from global economic failures, I find this piece inspirational since it showcases how sartorially innovative people can become, while living on the streets. Styled by editor Katie Mossman with a clad of labels including Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Gareth Pugh; Mossman puts a fashion-forward twist on such grim circumstances. Truth be told, I think the street punks in Boston sporting studded, multi-fabric and over-adorned apparel render stronger style statements than most the locals in shapeless bottoms and T’s, which further depicts the real-world elements of the ‘Signs of the Time.’

One thought on “Haute Homeless

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