Trendsetting Touchdown

Although I don’t understand football, I enjoy immersing in the cultural traditions and the adrenaline rush associated with the game! While fans root for their favorite team in oversize jersey’s, T’s or go nearly commando predominantly in body paint — to preserve cherished rituals; I simply strive to celebrate in ‘style’! However high fashion and football don’t mesh, as the latter usually lacks sartorial structure! Yet, with the much anticipated Harvard-Yale football rivalry game (a.k.a The Game) around the corner, the Crimson will face the Bulldogs in their annual series on Nov. 17! Of course, I’m cheering for the Crimson, yet I’m adamantly not wearing a Harvard or Crimson T-shirt or jersey like most people (including 99.9% of my friends). But I’m still ecstatic to flaunt my spirit in a Crimson-inspired motif with contemporary and preppy elements! Despite my determination to create a well-coordinated ensemble, I’m also focused on preserving stylish comfort– an element I lack much of the time! Truth be told, not all fashion is stylish, so I’m induced into breaching a deeply enshrined branding tradition in the name of style. From pants and accessories — to topping with plaid shirts and chunky layers available in an array of red shades, there are millions of ways to score trendsetting touchdowns; incorporating Crimson into your look without sacrificing style! xo!

Shirt: Isabel Marant, jeans: Burberry Brit, sweater: Jason Wu, bag: Rebecca Minkoff, booties: Zara, jacket: Missoni, scarf: Missoni, gloves: Cole Haan


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