Pattern Mixing

The Harvard Crimson beat the Yale Bulldogs in their 6th consecutive victory at the annual ‘Game’ yesterday. Amidst the crowds of branded ‘Harvard’ paraphernalia, I managed to engage in the Crimson’s spirit in a chic way of my own. Putting fashion into football isn’t easy! Although I’d never dress like a cheerleader, I kept my garments casual by contrasting my red (a.k.a crimson-ish) tartan pants with a floral Marni jacket to render a pattern-blocking motif. For a look of casual sophistication, I tied this ensemble together by wearing my white chunky knit Thakoon sweater, which clashed exquisitely against my black Gucci purse and Stuart Weitzman pointed-toe boots. Like always, I needed to incorporate some shine to accentuate the casual aesthetic of my outfit, so I adorned my left wrist with an assortment of vintage bracelets for an extra touch of sparkling power. While football and style will never belong in the same caliber, I think I scored a trendsetting touchdown for the Crimson!


Jacket: Marni, pants: Urban Outfitters, sweater: Thakoon, shades: Marni, bag: Gucci, boots: Stuart Weitzmanbracelets: vintage


6 thoughts on “Pattern Mixing

  1. I like it. It’s not easy to go to a sporting event and show team spirit while remaining fashionable, but you’ve managed to pull it off quite well.

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