Palm Beach Musings

From breathtaking beaches along the Atlantic coastline to lavish clothing and cars, Palm Beach is packed with oodles of cultural and sartorial beauty. But, before I write about my next outfit in PB, I’d love to share a selection of uniquely coveted musings, which I spotted along the streets and shorelines. With people strutting their stuff in compositionally exquisite, style-statements and throngs of window displays curated perfectly like an art gallery; PB is loaded with all sorts of must-haves to turn heads for the holidays. Investing in a haute baguette with intricate detail will bring any outfit to red carpet perfection, yet a new Tiffany & Co. diamond ring and sparkling pair of Jimmy Choo’s are a girl’s best friend too! While Gucci’s evocatively enchanting primula silk gown with a floral hand-embroidered neckline offers a taste of vintage elegance for any occasion, Bottega Veneta’s edible kicks provide the right amount of sweetness to celebrate the festivities with a fashion-forward attitude (continued below photo 6).

Importantly, I’d love to thank my sweet mother for buying me a clutch-friendly, SLR-caliber camera (Canon G-15) to kick-off the holiday in style; she made this post possible. So far, I’m impressed by the high-quality imagery and the contributions this camera has and will enable me to deliver in the blogosphere. I might sound pompous but I’m so proud of myself for personally capturing each and everyone of the following photos; I think they’re worth bragging about. Nevertheless, upon taking my new toy for a stroll on Worth Ave. and S. Ocean Blvd.– I encountered loads of striking inspiration, which I hope you’ll enjoy!


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