Chanel’s Exclusively Cruising

Chanel launch’s its Outstanding Pieces Collection, in the midst of every inter-season period. Crafted with exclusive materials, this line is always packed with one-of-a-kind pieces, which set it apart. With an exotic appeal of its own, Chanel’s Outstanding Pieces Collection: Cruise 2012/13 line is loaded with limited edition masterpieces! From the brand’s Boy Bag with embroidery inspired by Versailles marquetry and the classic Flap Bag in tweed embroidered with mirrors– to the lamé python wallet on a chain and a clutch in metallic lizard with compartments and removable chain; the combination of contrasting neutral and metallic hues render an outstanding elegant air. Without any doubt, Lagerfeld’s latest rare treasures definitely have the power to amplify your look.


TOP left: Clutch in metallic lizard with compartments and removable chain, right: Boy Chanel Flap Bag in leather with embroidery inspired by Versailles marquetry BOTTOM left: Classic flap bag in tweed embroidered with mirrors, right: Lamé python wallet on a chain

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