Printed Leggings

Leggings are one of the easiest garments to wear. I own countless pairs in an abundance of colors and materials but my tie-dye Helmut Lang legging’s top my list, as one of my favorite wardrobe staples. The psychedelic look of these bottom’s put a fresh spin on everyday motifs. Let’s face it, my outfits and sore feet should be the last thing on my mind, especially with finals swinging into full force. But final exams and papers aside, I can’t resist leaving my apartment without a fashion-forward silhouette. So, I slipped on biker-style Burberry boots for an instantly cool look, while simultaneously staying flat on my feet. Layering my ensemble with an oversize-striped Zara turtleneck, I rendered a striking pattern-blocking outfit in a monochromatic palette and strategically concealed my small bottom to avoid a revolting case of camel toe. Clashing my curation with a tweed Rag & Bone blazer, I was instantly polished by giving my look some much needed structure (continued below the second photo).

IMG_0486coolShowing-off my quirky head tilting smile on a chair in Copley Place. Leggings: Helmut Lang, boots: Burberry, blazer: rag & bone, sweater: Zara.


As you’ll notice, I’m holding a guest fashionista, my beautiful four month old daughter niece, Molly. Although Molly might be my niece, I love her so much that I’d be honored to adopt her and call her my own child. Since she accompanied my older sister and brother-in-law on a business trip to Boston, Molly was obliged to star in a sartorial spread. Despite her stylish Stella McCartney leggings, it was Molly’s adorable ‘toothless smile’ that brightened-up the holiday spirit for sales associates and shoppers alike at the Prudential Center and Copley Place.


6 thoughts on “Printed Leggings

  1. Hi Alex

    Wow, you are definitely not the ordinary style blogger. I’m not really fashion-conscious, I’m more of a dress for longevity kinda girl. With that said, I love the leggings idea. It’s effortless beauty…something I love in clothing. You have a great sense of humour as well.

    Keep it up

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